Who we are

Lakewood in conjunction with Blastrac, Netherlands and DEC SPA in Modena, Italy is an international cleaning and safety company. Our Aviation Division was developed in 2012 and quickly became established as one of the market leaders in the provision of cleaning and environmental support services. For each task, we work quickly, thoroughly and use the appropriate cleaning specifications. We work this way because we understand our customers needs. Here at Lakewood we deliver service at its Best. Everyone at Lakewood understands this philosophy and all staff are experienced and well able to work under pressure and to tight deadlines. ...read more

We Represent:

- DEC, Modena, Italy
- TTS, Italy
- Blastrac, Netherlands

Lakewood combines a unique system with the most advanced equipments, operated exclusively by highly qualified technicians. Our core services include but not limited to: Runway derubberization, Airfield cleaning, Asphalt retexturing, see more...

Our work is guaranteed:
Our certified technicians will provide free inspections and evaluations to offer you the most comprehensive pest control plans available. Treatments include one-time, monthly and quarterly services.


  1. A unique programme, designed around your specific requirements.
  2. Detailed analysis and planning for proven best outcome.
  3. Full restoration and maintenances programmes, breathing new life into your carpets.
  4. A fast response service with quick-dry deep cleaning, leaving you free to get on with business.
  5. Advance equipment and carpet cleaning specialist, ensuring outstanding quality.

Office cleaning service and commercial cleaning are at the heart of our business. It is where we began, and where we excel. No matter your contract cleaning needs, we can deliver. A clean office and building makes for a safer and healthier working environment and this is proven to help minimize staff absence. We have also worked very closely with clients to re-engineer some of our cleaning programmes to ensure that key contact areas are continuously monitored eg.Toilets, VIP lounges, Luggage sections, Walls, Offices, Floors, Glass windows and Doors, Arrival and Departure halls etc.

Our daytime office cleaning and housekeeping approach can enable cleaning contractors to work flexible working hours which have been proven to improve their motivation and retention with enhanced standards. To ensure that your building remains in top hygienic condition throughout the working hours, our office cleaning contractors will work around your other staff without causing any distraction. If anything, we take great pride in our appearance and that of our cleaning equipment. We understand that we are representatives of your facility. Should a visitor have a question or a need, we are always willing to step up.

That is why customer service technique is a major aspect of our intensive training programme. Besides maintaining floors and surfaces, our team is also always ready to respond to emergencies and immediate needs. In fact, our response time is measured in minutes, if not seconds. All our systems are customized to meet the demands, without interrupting their essential functions. Lakewood specializes in personalized services which include pest elimination, general pest prevention, termite control, sanitation institution etc. we have a customized plan that is right for you and your budget. We are an expertly trained team of professional who are highly skilled in most state-of-the- art pest control treatment methods.